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    Moving is stressful — especially if you’re doing it on your own. Hiring professional movers helps keep everything streamlined and organized. If you’re looking for a more effortless relocation experience, use our guide to learn how to find the best moving company for you.

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    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
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    Our picks for 7 top moving companies

    The best movers should have excellent customer reviews, reliable service and fair prices. Our research team vetted 70 professional moving companies that are rated by more than 15,067 customers to choose the best moving companies.

    The ConsumerAffairs Research Team primarily relies on verified customer reviews and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data to select our top picks. For more on how we ranked companies, read our methodology.

    Our top moving company pick Colonial Van Lines AUTHORIZED PARTNER
    • Highlight: Climate-controlled storage options
    • Customer rating:4.2
    • Availability: Great
    • USDOT Number: 1434373

    Colonial Van Lines is our top pick overall because it has lots of experience — the carrier handles around 12,000 moves a year — and great reviews on our site.

    With Colonial, you can choose different packing options in case you need help with specific items. It can accommodate last-minute moves and offers storage solutions if the date of your move and the availability of your new home don’t line up.

    What reviewers like: The happiest customers frequently highlight the company’s prices and customer service. Other highlights include that the crews are “fast” and “do a good job.”

    A reviewer in Texas said that Colonial Van Lines “was transparent and courteous, the driver was on time, delivery was on time and I was advised in advance, and my belongings well cared for.”

    What to consider: Sometimes the initial estimate is different from the final charge. “What I paid was about $1,000 more than I expected but that was because they packed some things and it was a long haul,” a reviewer in Georgia said.

    On the other hand, a reviewer in Pennsylvania said they got “a little refund because it was less stuff in there than they thought.”

    Cost estimate: We were given a quote of between $1,712 to $3,500 for a three-bedroom move from Chicago to Houston booked two months in advance. However, costs vary depending on requested services and time of year.

    Colonial requires a deposit to confirm a move. Include all the items you’re moving when requesting a quote to ensure the estimate is accurate.

    Our pick for full-service moving All Coast Moving Group AUTHORIZED PARTNER
    • Highlight: Personalized packing options
    • Customer rating:4.2
    • Availability: Great
    • USDOT Number: 3369008

    All Coast Moving Group has great customer reviews, wide availability and reasonable costs. You can pack yourself (boxes and packaging material are provided), or the pros can pack for you.

    We also like that the broker offers competitive rates and military discounts.

    What reviewers like: Most happy customers highlight the efficient process and polite reps. Plus, “the movers were nice and handsome, which is always a bonus,” a reviewer in Georgia said.

    What to consider: It’s a broker, meaning that the company works with third parties to complete packing and hauling. Contact the company at least two weeks before your desired move date.

    Cost estimate: All Coast Moving Group advertises long-distance moves starting at $1,750. Expect to pay a bit more if you want full packing services or furniture disassembly and reassembly.

    “I only spend $3,300 bucks and the job was done with precision,” a reviewer in Georgia, who moved to Florida, said. Another reviewer in New York said that all their belongings “arrived in South Carolina safe and on time. Not bad for under $4,000.”

    Our pick for local service Bellhop AUTHORIZED PARTNER
    • Highlight: Flexible reservations
    • Customer rating:3.1
    • Availability: Good
    • USDOT Number: 2878240

    Bellhop is a top-rated broker for local moves across the country. It’s a great option (and a good value) if you’re moving apartments across town or have another relatively small, local task.

    We like that Bellhop waives all rescheduling fees if you’re rescheduling due to COVID-19.

    What reviewers like: Bellhop clients frequently highlight convenience and value. A reviewer in Ohio said the crew “got everything done really quick and efficiently, especially for the price point.”

    A reviewer in Virginia said that reps were “polite and had a sense of humor” and the crew was “fabulous” and "didn't break anything," adding that the process was “very well-organized.”

    What to consider: Bellhop isn’t nationwide, but local moving can be scheduled the day of service where available. Try to book long-distance moves at least eight days ahead.

    Cost estimate: Bellhop charges hourly rates for most services. For labor-only (in-home loading and unloading), expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $800. A full-service move starts anywhere from $300 for a studio apartment to $850 for a four-bedroom house.

    There’s a one- or two-hour minimum, depending on if you need movers at one or two addresses. Expect to pay a 5% deposit 48 hours after you book the move (or when you book if you’re booking with less than 48 hours of notice). Final charges occur 48 hours after the move is complete. The company accepts major credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

    Our pick for international relocations Allied Van Lines AUTHORIZED PARTNER
    • Highlight: Online shipment tracking
    • Customer rating:3.9
    • Availability: Excellent
    • USDOT Number: 76235

    Allied Van Lines is registered as both a broker and a carrier with the FMCSA. Unlike our other top picks, it has more than 1,000 representatives in over 130 countries to facilitate international and overseas relocations.

    What reviewers like: Allied is “a good value for the money and service received,” according to a reviewer in Maryland. Others highlight Allied’s careful packing and customer service.

    “Good packaging materials, coordination and moving, everything was intact, safe without much of damage,” a reviewer in Virginia said. “We had on time delivery from the movers and they were pretty quick in setting up things for us.”

    What to consider: Allied isn’t the cheapest option, according to a reviewer in Tennessee. It also has a few complaints concerning lost or damaged belongings filed with the FMCSA.

    Cost estimate: According to verified reviewers, it costs between $2,000 and $5,000 for long-distance moves plus packing services. This is a pretty typical price (cross-country moves usually cost about $3,500).

    Our pick for a long-distance broker Empire Moving Group AUTHORIZED PARTNER
    • Highlight: Good communication
    • Customer rating:3.8
    • Availability: Great
    • USDOT Number: 3304546

    Empire Moving Group can help with all aspects of a move, from packing and loading to transport and unloading. It provides boxes, packaging material, pads and other moving supplies.

    The company specializes in moving services for residential and commercial clients, as well as options to ship your car.

    What reviewers like: Happy clients say it’s a good price for good service. Some emphasize that crews handle personal items with care during packing and unloading.

    According to a reviewer in Indiana, Empire is “all around a reliable company. They truly are friendly, easy going people.”

    “They were quick with getting someone out to me to get the process start[ed] and I'm very happy with how everything went down,” a reviewer in North Carolina said.

    What to consider: Empire Moving Group is a broker, so it researches and prescreens movers on your behalf to find the right team for your move. Some reviewers mention scheduling issues or say the upfront estimates are lower than what customers are actually required to pay.

    Cost estimate: According to recent reviews, cost estimates start between $2,000 and $5,000. Estimates include services for wrapping furniture and electronics (like television sets).

    Because the company does not disclose rates online, it’s best to contact a rep over the phone or by email for the most accurate pricing information.

    Our pick for a long-distance carrier United Regions Van Lines AUTHORIZED PARTNER
    • Highlight: Military and senior moving packages
    • Customer rating:4.3
    • Availability: Great
    • USDOT Number: 3749779

    With United Regions Van Lines, you work with a dedicated moving coordinator to schedule packing and relocation services. You also get access to a convenient moving tracker app.

    It offers special moving services, including full-service packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, specialty boxing and storage.

    What reviewers like: It’s “probably one of the best value for money movers we have ever used,” according to a reviewer in New York. “One of the things that stood out for me was how they made sure they didn’t leave any marks on the walls and floor when they moved the large furniture and appliances.”

    A reviewer in Colorado said that hiring United Regions Van Lines was the “best moving decision ever” for two reasons: the cost and the care.

    What to consider: United Regions Van Lines does not offer local moving services. There’s no specific requirement for booking ahead, but you will save money by making arrangements early — especially during peak moving season.

    Cost estimate: For long-distance relocations, expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000. For example, moving from a one-bedroom apartment in Seattle to Miami costs around $4,500. A deposit may be required.

    Our pick for quick moves Moving APT AUTHORIZED PARTNER
    • Highlight: Easy-to-use website
    • Customer rating:3.6
    • Availability: Great
    • USDOT Number: 2247863

    Moving APT specializes in coordinating interstate and long-distance relocations for residential and corporate clients. Car shipping and furniture moving services are available, as is white-glove packing service.

    You can schedule a move as early as two weeks in advance. However, during peak season (summer), it’s smart to book up to eight weeks in advance, if possible.

    What reviewers like: Most happy clients mention the crew, the price or both. According to a reviewer in Virginia, the movers are “hardworking, respectful, and clean.” Others highlight the staff’s responsiveness and punctuality.

    “Moving APT has the best pricing. They weren't necessarily the lowest because that scares me,” a reviewer in California said. “However, Moving APT is right in the best range of affordability,”

    The “price was on point,” a reviewer in Texas said. “Never thought I would move my entire house for only $2,000 and in only three days.”

    What to consider: Since Moving APT is a broker, you’ll work with the company on logistics while a contracted mover does the heavy lifting.

    Cost estimate: Quotes start around $900 to move a one-bedroom apartment from New York to Miami. For a two- or three-bedroom home, quotes range from $2,100 to $6,900.

    Estimates include all fees, including tolls, taxes and fuel costs. Additional services, like packing or storage, increase the overall cost. Booking fees are nonrefundable if you cancel within seven days of the pickup window.

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    Quick and easy. Get matched with a Moving partner.

      How to hire movers

      Moving is stressful, whether you’re moving out of your parents' house, to another state or to a new country.

      With everything you need to do for a move, it’s tempting to choose the first moving company that looks good. If you want the best deal, though, it's best to research a few options and compare quotes from several companies.

      Follow these six steps to find the best moving company for you:

      1. Get multiple estimates: Your first interaction with any local moving company is when you request a quote. If the moving representative is unhelpful or pushy, move on to the next company. Getting a moving quote gives you an idea of what the company will charge for your move, but sometimes estimated quotes can change. Some companies provide price matching.
      2. Conduct a walk-through: To get an accurate idea of how much movers cost, have multiple moving companies do a walk-through of your current home. Some charge extra for fragile items, bulky furniture or additional labor. The walk-through also gives you a chance to see if you feel comfortable with the company.
      3. Ask for references: Reputable moving companies provide references upon request. These references may be former clients, professional organizations or insurance agents. Checking references is an essential step when making sure a company is trustworthy, has a good track record and offers excellent customer service.
      4. Read customer reviews: Make sure to read local company moving reviews to find out what other people near you have experienced. It’s essential to know how other customers feel about the company and the types of complaints that are commonly made against it. A mover may look good on paper, but former customers can tell you what it’s really like to work with the company.
      5. Watch out for red flags: If the company has no address, hasn’t been operating very long or has more than one business name, this can be a sign of fraud or a scam. A company that has no phone number is also suspect — confirm a carrier or broker’s phone number through the FMCSA or your state’s regulatory agency.
      6. Pay only on delivery: A reputable company won’t ask for full payment until the move is complete. Some companies may require a deposit (typically 20% or less), but you should never prepay the entire cost of a move. Pay your deposit with a credit card in case you end up having to dispute charges — it’s easier to get your money back this way.

      If you’re the victim of fraud by a moving company, you can file a moving fraud complaint with the FMCSA.

      Types of movers

      There are two main types of moving companies: brokers and carriers. A moving carrier owns a fleet of trucks and handles the actual moving process.

      A broker books moving services and hires carriers to complete the move. Brokers charge a fee for facilitating relocation services, handling logistics and providing customer service. With a carrier, you’re not dealing with a middleman, but you might have fewer moving date options.

      Both brokers and carriers usually specialize in one or more of the following services:

      Long-distance moves

      Long-distance moving companies usually help you relocate from one state to another. However, depending where you live, long-distance moves may or may not cross state lines.

      Most U.S. movers consider a move long-distance if it exceeds a specific number of miles — typically 100 to 400. Most moves that require traveling over state lines are considered long-distance moves.

      Each long-distance mover is required to be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation. These movers usually charge for services based on the distance and size of the move.

      Local moves

      Some moving companies only operate inside a defined local area, like within a specific city or state. They may be required to register with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and/or local authorities.

      Local movers often charge by the hour. How the mover classifies your move — local or long-distance — will likely determine how it calculates your quote.

      Corporate moves

      Corporate relocation companies specialize in moving entire businesses. They can move a large number of belongings, and they have relatively quick turnaround times to make sure the business being moved is back up and running as soon as possible. They also typically provide more packing material and organizational help, such as furniture assembly and disassembly, than other types of movers.

      International moves

      International moving companies help individuals, families and corporations move their belongings overseas. They are well-versed in international moving logistics, including shipping by air and sea, handling customs and tracking items.

      Full-service moves 

      Full-service movers handle every aspect of a move. A full-service move is an excellent option for working professionals or anyone else who doesn’t have enough hours in the day to get all aspects of a move done, including:

      • Packing: Full-service movers pack your home and provide all the materials needed to safely and securely relocate your belongings. This includes handling any large items, like furniture, that may need to be disassembled to make moving easier.
      • Labor and transport: Full-service movers load your packed belongings and transport them to your new home.
      • Unpacking: Full-service movers unload and reassemble furniture. They can also unpack your belongings and dispose of all packing supplies before they go.

      Moving questions

      How much do movers cost?

      On average, a long-distance move costs between $2,000 and $5,000. You can expect local moving labor costs to range between $80 and $100 an hour, and international moving costs can range anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 or more. Professional relocation companies charge based on several factors. Moving expenses are rarely tax deductible .

      In addition to moving distance, price estimates depend on several factors, including:

      • The weight of your possessions
      • Your house or apartment size
      • The amount you tip your movers

      How much you pay your movers isn’t the only cost you need to consider. Full-service movers provide boxes and other packing materials, but labor-only movers do not.

      Don’t forget to factor in these material costs if you plan on doing your own packing. These supplies can add up, so we recommend creating a moving budget ahead of time and seeing what supplies you can get free from friends, family or businesses willing to pass on their recycled boxes.

      We also recommend getting quotes from at least a few companies to make sure you know you’re getting a fair rate. Shop around and look for discounts to find the cheapest way to move long-distance .

      Can you hire movers to move one item?

      Yes, you can hire movers to transport one item. Moving a large item like a piece of furniture or a piano requires specialized services and extra caution, especially if there are stairs or tight hallways involved. Most movers can relocate delicate or bulky items for a fee. They also have the proper materials to pack and transport bulky or fragile items safely.

      Can you hire movers without a truck?

      Yes, most movers offer services that don’t include a moving truck; you might hear this service referred to as labor-only moving. Labor-only movers typically charge by the hour. There are a few situations where you might want to hire movers without a truck:

      • You need help packing. If you’re moving delicate or fragile items that require special caution, consider hiring a professional to help you properly pack your valuables.
      • You need help loading or unloading. Maybe packing was a breeze, but loading and unloading are intimidating. You can hire movers by the hour to help you load and unload your possessions.
      What won't movers move?

      Depending on where you live, your mover might have specific regulations or guidelines to follow. Movers usually won’t transport:

      • Perishable items
      • Hazardous materials
      • Plants
      • Pets

      While movers do handle items that can’t be replaced, such as valuable documents or personal and sentimental items, it may be best to pack those and keep them with you to prevent them from being lost or damaged.

      Can you negotiate with moving companies?

      You can try using an estimate from one or several moving companies to negotiate prices with other movers. Find out the average cost to move a home the size of yours and compare features offered by different companies. Don’t be afraid to negotiate lower prices for additional fees or to ask about available discounts or promotions.

      Once you settle on a moving company, get a written contract that includes all costs.

      Do I need moving insurance?

      Any mover you hire should be registered, bonded and insured. You can purchase moving insurance as an add-on to the base level of coverage provided by the moving company you choose.

      The biggest benefit of purchasing additional coverage is making sure your most valuable assets are fully protected. We think this is especially important for long-distance moves or for anyone moving particularly valuable items, like art or antiques.

      Not sure how to choose?

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        Moving company reviews

        American Van Lines

        American Van Lines moves customers across the country and across the world. A 50% deposit and 3,000-pound minimum are standard to reserve a move. A team of moving specialists helps plan and coordinate moves.

        • Types of moves: American Van Lines offers local, long-distance, corporate, military and commercial moves.
        • Cost: Expect straightforward costs with simple flat-rate pricing for local and long-distance moves. Local moves are the cheapest, while coast-to-coast moves for large homes can cost several thousand dollars. A one-bedroom cross-country move averages around $2,500.
        • Service areas: American Van Lines can move you across the U.S. or help you move to a new country.
        • Additional services: American Van Lines has storage options and helps customers obtain the necessary international work authorizations, passports and other paperwork for moves to another country. Full packing and crating services are available for all moves.
        • Storage: The company also offers storage facilities to help companies and families safely store their belongings while they are in the process of changing locations.
        Read 2319 Reviews
        Colonial Van Lines

        Colonial Van Lines specializes in long-distance residential moves and corporate moves. A deposit is required to secure a move. Special packing options and discounts are available.

        • Types of moves: Colonial Van Lines specializes in long-distance and cross-country moves. The company also helps with corporate relocations.
        • Cost: The company provides quotes in minutes. It also has a mobile app to help with moving estimates. Deposits are close to 50% of the total moving price. A one-bedroom interstate move costs around $2,500.
        • Service areas: Colonial Van Lines works throughout the entire United States, so it can find a moving provider no matter where a customer lives or where they are moving.
        • Additional services: Customers can choose from single-item packs, kitchen packs and full packs. Colonial Van Lines has discounted packages for moving supplies, including boxes, packing material and tape. Storage options are also available.
        • Discounted moving supplies: The company offers customers discounted packages of moving supplies, including boxes, packing material and tape, to make their move more affordable and convenient.
        Read 2020 Reviews
        FlatRate Moving

        FlatRate Moving specializes in local New York City moves and moves from NYC to elsewhere in the country. Specialists work with you to detail your inventory and create a plan for your move.

        Read 24 Reviews
        Moving Squad of South Florida

        This moving company offers local moves within Florida. It uses its original Express Pack system for convenient, safer moving.

        Read 512 Reviews
        Bold Moving and Storage

        Bold Moving and Storage specializes in long-distance moves. Customers can choose from three packages to determine how involved they want the moving company to be. Moves are limited to the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area.

        • Types of moves: The company offers long-distance moves. Sign up for either Bold Standard, Bold Premium or Bold Luxury. Bold Luxury includes packing services, 30 days of free storage, white-glove service, unpacking services, box removal and cleaning services.
        • Cost: Long-distance moves can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 or more, but the company has a price guarantee policy that states it goes a step further than just matching a quote from a reputable company — Bold beats it by $500.
        • Service areas: Bold offers moves out of the DMV to the rest of the country.
        • Additional services: The company offers packing and unpacking services. Bold also offers storage services, so if the dates of your move don’t coincide perfectly, you can store your belongings in climate-controlled storage. Cleaning services are also available.
        Read 99 Reviews
        24/7 Logistic Services

        The company specializes in corporate relocations and long-distance residential moves for military personnel and seniors. It also offers furniture assembly and protection.

        • Types of moves: In addition to long-distance and corporate moves, 24/7 Logistic Services specializes in military moves and moves for seniors, whether to a new house or a care center. Door-to-door relocation options mean your belongings won’t sit in storage or at another facility and are delivered straight to your door.
        • Cost: Prices for long-distance moves vary greatly, but you can expect such a move to cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000.
        • Service areas: 24/7 Logistic Services can move you anywhere in the U.S.
        • Additional services: GPS tracking lets you know where your belongings are and how long it will be until they make their way to their new home. Storage services are also available.
        Read 166 Reviews
        Safebound Moving & Storage

        This moving company offers national moving options. Packing services and temporary storage are also available. The company employs bilingual representatives and provides 24/7 customer service.

        • Types of moves: The company handles long-distance, auto, freight, and luxury moves. You work with a dedicated coordinator for the duration of your move.
        • Cost: A cross-country move with Safebound Moving & Storage costs around $2,500, but prices vary based on distance, time of year and weight of items moved.
        • Service areas: Safebound Storage & Moving serves most states and Puerto Rico.
        • Additional services: Auto shipping is available to all 50 states. If you need short- or long-term storage, Safebound Moving & Storage can provide you with a container to pack your items at your own pace.
        Read 220 Reviews
        Mile High Van Lines

        The company offers packing, unpacking, loading and transporting services. Each customer works with a dedicated moving consultant to ensure a smooth relocation process. Local moves are available within Seattle and Denver, and the company handles long-distance moves that originate from these cities.

        Read 46 Reviews
        Empire Moving Group

        Empire Moving Group offers long-distance moving options for homes and businesses. The company helps with packing and unpacking, and it has auto transport services.

        • Types of moves: Empire Moving Group handles long-distance, residential and commercial moves.
        • Cost: Depending on your destination, the time of year and how much you need to move, you might expect to pay from $3,500 to $5,000 for an interstate move with Empire.
        • Service areas: Empire Moving Group’s services are available across the country.
        • Additional services: The company offers packing and unpacking services as well as furniture disassembly and assembly. Empire Moving Group can provide boxes, bubble wrap and blankets or pads for fragile items. You can also ship your car with Empire Moving Group.
        Read 314 Reviews
        Purple Heart Moving Group

        Purple Heart Moving Group is located in South Florida. It helps with long-distance moves, military moves, business relocations, packing and storage. The company specializes in military moves and last-minute moves.

        Read more about Purple Heart Moving Group

        The company name stands for Portable On Demand Storage. You simply choose the size container you need and have it shipped to you. Then you load the container, and the company either stores it in one of its facilities or ships the container wherever you need it to go.

        Read 2965 Reviews
        Alliance Movers

        This moving company carrier has about 50 trucks and handles local and long-distance moves. It also has experience with international and commercial moves.

        Read 47 Reviews
        Solomon & Sons Relocation Services

        This moving company is located in South Florida but services almost the entire country. It provides local moves, long-distance moves, international moves and military moves. Short- or long-term storage is also available.

        • Types of moves: Solomon & Sons handles local, long-distance and international moves. Moves can be residential or commercial.
        • Cost: You can expect a full-service, one-bedroom, long-distance move to cost about $3,400. The company charges a 33% refundable deposit upfront. Solomon & Sons has a price-matching policy and matches any rate from a verified competitor.
        • Service areas: Solomon & Sons can move you to any U.S. state except for Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. It also serves international areas.
        • Additional services: The company’s full-service moves include packing and furniture assembly.
        Read 172 Reviews
        International Van Lines

        This company specializes in international moves. It also offers long-distance moves, corporate relocations and military moves. Auto shipping is available to those who need to move a car.

        Read 628 Reviews
        National Moving Group

        National Moving Group provides a variety of moves: residential or commercial, state-to-state and coast-to-coast. It offers additional services, including storage, auto transport and packing. Customer service is available 24/7.

        Read 153 Reviews
        Xtreme Movers

        This company focuses on full-service, long-distance moves. Full-service moves include packing, loading and unloading your valuables. Moving along the East Coast takes seven to 14 business days, while East Coast to West Coast moves take 14 to 21 business days.

        Read 85 Reviews
        United Van Lines

        United Van Lines is a moving broker with hundreds of connections across the country and the globe. It’s available for international, long-distance and local moves for residential homes and businesses or corporations.

        Read 299 Reviews
        Two Men and a Truck

        Two Men and a Truck is a moving company with franchise locations worldwide. It handles local, long-distance and coast-to-coast moves and has affordable rates when compared to other moving companies.

        Read 355 Reviews
        Adept Moving

        Adept Moving Company handles moves within the Greater Los Angeles area. Every truck is equipped with wardrobe boxes, straps, blankets, four-wheel dollies and two-wheel dollies. Relocation specialists help you plan the logistics of your move.

        Read 60 Reviews
        North American Van Lines

        North American Van Lines specializes in corporate relocation and long-distance residential moves. It also offers local and international moves and moves for military families. Rough quote ranges are available on the website.

        • Types of moves: The company provides local, long-distance and international moves. It handles corporate and residential moves. Military moves are another specialization.
        • Cost: Price is determined by weight. To move from a two-bedroom apartment from the Midwest to the East Coast in the summer, expect costs to range anywhere from $4,500 to $5,500. Factors like seasonality, distance and size of your home significantly affect the cost.
        • Service areas: International moves are available for more than 130 countries, including Australia and the United Kingdom. Cross-country moves are available across the U.S.
        • Additional services: You can buy packing supplies from the company. Storage options are available if you need them. Full-service moves include packing, loading and transporting.
        Read 394 Reviews
        American International Moving

        American International Moving specializes in city-to-city relocation for residential, commercial and industrial clients. International moves are also available. The company can respond to urgent moving needs within 48 hours.

        • Types of moves: The company offers office, industrial and residential moves. Moves are available after hours for commercial and industrial moves to help limit disruption. It also handles international moves.
        • Cost: A cross-country move costs anywhere from $2,500 to $6,000. It’s best to contact American International Moving directly to get a more precise estimate.
        • Service areas: Moving and automobile shipping is available within the continental U.S. The company specializes in intrastate moves in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee.
        • Additional services: Packing services include specially designed containers, shock-absorbent materials, wardrobe cartons, plastic covers and padding to protect customers’ belongings. Customers can also use the company’s secure facilities for full or partial storage of household and commercial goods before, during and after a move.

        The company offers local and long-distance moves. Labor-only moves, meaning movers come just to help you load and unload, are also an option. Services are available in 55 major U.S. cities. The company’s adjustable scheduling allows you to change your plans to accommodate next-day moves, last-minute changes and inclement weather.

        • Types of moves: The company’s trucks come with basic moving equipment, including dollies, blankets and straps. For long-distance moves, a concierge team builds a customized plan and schedules employees to help at your starting point and destination. The company uses professional drivers to transport your belongings in a 26-foot truck.
        • Cost: The typical Bellhops rate is $40 per mover per hour. After a two-hour minimum, Bellhops charges in 15-minute increments based on its hourly rate.
        • Service areas: Bellhops serves 55 major cities across 27 states, including New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami, Nashville and Washington, D.C.
        • Additional services: Bellhops offers highly specialized service. On the night before your move, you receive an email that includes a photograph of each bellhop. You can review the employees’ service and tip them online after the move is complete.
        Read 154 Reviews
        You Move Me

        This moving company is known for bringing coffee on the day of your move. Local, office and senior moves are available. The company covers your belongings with storage pads or shrink wrap and uses pads to protect hardwood and tile floors. Customers can add full carpet shielding for an additional cost.

        • Types of moves: The company handles local and office moves. It also specializes in senior moves. You Move Me provides free on-site estimates and home inspections for relocating seniors. If you’re moving into a senior community, You Move Me works directly with the community’s staff.
        • Cost: We estimate the cost of the average local move with You Move Me to cost around $1,100.
        • Service areas: You Move Me serves cities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin. The company also has locations in British Columbia and Ontario, Canada.
        • Additional services: The company offers basic loading and unloading services with do-it-yourself packing. Customers can choose from three add-on options: complete packing services with supplies and optional unpacking, specialty kitchen packing or customized packing that allows you to choose what movers pack. The company also moves specialty items like pianos.
        United Regions Van Lines

        Moving Nation specializes in long-distance moves, commercial and corporate relocations and military moves. Choose from a variety of packing options to fit your needs. Short- and long-term storage are available.

        • Types of moves: Moving Nation mostly handles long-distance moves, but it also performs commercial, military and corporate moves. You can opt for full-service packing, specialty packing for fragile items or DIY packing.
        • Cost: The company’s prices vary based on several factors, including distance traveled, time of year and amount of household items, but you can expect a two-bedroom move from Atlanta to Los Angeles to cost between $2,500 and $7,000.
        • Service areas: Although Moving Nation operates across the country, service may not be available in Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.
        • Additional services: The company offers packing options on all moves. Storage is also available for those who need it. Long-term storage items are pad-wrapped in a climate-controlled storage vault.
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        OD Household Services

        OD Household Services drops off storage containers that you pack yourself. You can guarantee a two-hour delivery window for $150. The company provides a box dolly with each trailer to move boxes and small pieces of furniture.

        • Types of moves: The company specializes in cross-country moves. OD says the best value can be found in moves of 300 miles or more.
        • Cost: The estimated cost for a two-bedroom coast-to-coast move is around $3,500, but costs vary greatly depending on seasonality, amount of items and urgency. You pay for the space you use, and no deposit is required for moves in the contiguous U.S.
        • Service areas: If OD Household Services doesn’t serve your area, it can make special arrangements if you call the company directly. This may require bringing your items to the nearest corporate facility for transport.
        • Additional services: OD makes it easy for you with a moving checklist and loading/unloading tariff information.
        Estes SureMove

        Offers DIY packing moves nationwide. The company delivers a trailer to your home and gives you three days to load it. Its employees then transport it and deliver it to your new home. You have three days to unload.

        • Types of moves: The company handles local moves, long-distance moves, corporate relocation and military moves.
        • Cost: Our estimate for moving a two-bedroom home across the country is $4,500, but your moving costs will vary based on your origin and destination, the time of year and amount of time you book in advance. Military personnel receive a $100 discount off military moves with a total cost of $600 or more.
        • Service areas: Estes SureMove serves the entire continental U.S.
        • Additional services: The Estes SureMove center nearest your new home provides short-term storage of your moving trailer for $20 a day.
        Island Movers

        This Hawaii-based mover offers residential and business moves into, within and from the Hawaiian islands. The company is home to the only approved Central Examination Station (CES) in Hawaii. The station is located within minutes of all ocean terminals, the Honolulu International Airport and the State of Hawaii Foreign Trade Zone and provides services that include container drayage and storage.

        • Types of moves: The company handles local moves and moves to and from Hawaii. Island Movers performs personal and business moves. The company uses portable storage units that are 8 feet long, 5 feet wide and 7 feet high and hold up to 2,000 pounds. After you finish loading the unit, Island Movers employees pick it up and store it or deliver it to your chosen location. Larger on-site units that stay at your location hold up to 5,000 pounds.
        • Cost: Estimates for home moves on the same island are based on the time required to complete the move. Moves to different islands use a local barge service to transport shipping containers and are typically priced based on weight. Exact quotes are available if you contact Island Movers, but local moves within Hawaii typically cost between $160 and $200 an hour.
        • Service areas: Moves are available within, to and from Hawaii. This includes to and from the U.S. mainland and international locations.
        • Additional services: Storage options are available for those who need it. The company has secure warehouse space available at locations on Oahu and Maui. It also provides 20- or 40-foot steel ocean containers and sells office trailers. Packing services are also an option.
        Wheaton World Wide Moving

        Wheaton World Wide Moving handles residential, business and corporate, government and military moves locally or abroad. The company takes care of packing, transportation, unpacking and any necessary storage. It uses air-ride trailers equipped with protective pads, straps, decking materials, foam cushioning, plastic moldings and walk boards to protect furniture, fixtures, musical equipment, appliances, pool tables and automobiles.

        • Types of moves: The company provides household, corporation/commercial, government/military, international and specialty moves. Priority relocation service is available for shipments that weigh less than 6,000 pounds. Wheaton has experience packing fragile items like mirrors and picture frames.
        • Cost: We estimate a two-bedroom move with Wheaton in the summertime from the East Coast to the Midwest should cost between $3,500 and $4,500, not including any packing costs. You can get a rough quote from the company’s website and a firm quote by speaking to a representative.
        • Service areas: Wheaton moving services are available across the U.S. and the world.
        • Additional services: Wheaton World Wide Moving offers storage-in-transit for up to 180 days and long-term storage services for up to several years. The company also provides packing supplies, including cartons, wardrobe boxes, protective wraps, packing tape and marking pens.
        Best Interstate Moving and Storage

        Best Interstate Moving and Storage offers residential and commercial moves across state lines. Corporate relocations are another specialty. The company offers packing and unpacking, custom crating, temporary storage and piano transport. It sells boxes, moving supplies, moving insurance and broadband services for your new home or office.

        • Types of moves: The company handles residential and business moves. You can opt for full packing services or partial packing services for selected items, such as fragile glassware, sentimental items and other valuables.
        • Cost: Best Interstate has a price-match program. A down payment of 33% is required to reserve the move. Another third of the payment is due upon pickup, and the remainder must be paid upon delivery.
        • Service areas: The company offers service in 44 states. It doesn’t offer moves in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska and North Dakota.
        • Additional services: BIMS offers temporary storage services near the point of origin until you’re ready to move. It also has storage facilities near the points of destination until your new home is ready for occupancy. With the Best Friends Program, you can receive a $200 Amazon gift card if someone you refer books a move with BIMS.
        Suddath Relocation Systems

        Suddath Relocation Systems has 30 U.S. locations and offers local, long-distance and international moving services. The company has partnered with United Van Lines — a consortium of independently owned agents located in all states — to have a large reach across the country. Suddath works with an agent to complete the second half of the move, complete with a local crew to bring your belongings to your new home or office.

        • Types of moves: The company handles local, long-distance and international moves. This includes residential, commercial, corporate, employee relocation and military moving services.
        • Cost: We estimate an interstate move with Suddath should cost between $4,000 to $5,000. Call Suddath for a more precise estimate based on your situation.
        • Service areas: Suddath has locations across the country for local and interstate moves. International moves are available to dozens of countries.
        • Additional services: Packing and unpacking services are available from Suddath. You can also take advantage of short- and long-term storage. The company offers decluttering services to remove some hassle from the moving process. Suddath’s Tracker, move-status monitoring software, provides computer-generated move labels and signage with codes for inventory tracking, customizable move compliance checklist, shipment tracking and a real-time customer dashboard to track move progress.
        Covan World-Wide Moving

        Covan is a moving company with experience in household moves, corporate relocation, commercial moves, government and military moves and international moves. Employees attend courses on how to pack possessions safely and efficiently. Its trucks have air-cushioned equipment. The company is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).

        • Types of moves: The company handles residential, commercial, government and military moves across the U.S. as well as international moves.
        • Cost: The average cost to move from New York City to Miami is about $3,000. Your quote will vary on factors including distance, seasonality and weight of possessions.
        • Service areas: Covan’s services are available in the West, Midwest, South, Mid-Atlantic and Pacific regions of the U.S. The company also performs international moves.
        • Additional services: You can request full or partial packing and unpacking services and customized crating for large or delicate items. The company also has storage options.
        Lawrence Companies

        Lawrence Companies is an employee-owned moving company with residential and commercial relocation expertise. The company is a founding member of United Van Lines and has access to a large fleet of trucks that lets them serve customers almost anywhere in the world.

        • Types of moves: The company handles residential and commercial moves. Its small moves container program, Snapmoves, is a faster way to move. It offers flexible moving dates, loading and unloading services, cost-effective storage and other services. For corporate relocations, Lawrence provides programs to simplify employee transfers, including expense management, home marketing, home sale programs, move management, temporary living spaces and global relocation.
        • Cost: Lawrence has a moving calculator on its website so you can receive a rough estimate. A move from the Midwest to the East Coast in June with 5,400 pounds of household items costs around $4,600.
        • Service areas: Lawrence is based in Virginia but can move you across the United States.
        • Additional services: The company offers storage and packing services. Specialty services include packing and unpacking, heavy furniture disassembly and reassembly, blanket wrapping, custom crating and large-item moving. Smartphone surveys are available if an in-home survey is inconvenient.
        American Red Ball

        This moving company specializes in long-distance moves and is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). The company’s guaranteed price agreement ensures the total price doesn’t exceed your estimate as long as the weight of your shipment and other conditions don’t change.

        • Types of moves: The company handles long-distance and household moving as well as corporate relocation.
        • Cost: Moving services can cost as little as $1,000, but the final price depends on the distance of your move, the weight of your belongings and the options included in the moving package. A cross-country move from Seattle to Miami with 5,200 pounds of household possessions and partial packing services in the month of June averages $6,600.
        • Service areas: Red Ball performs moves throughout the country.
        • Additional services: The company’s website has a wealth of resources to help plan your move if you’re relocating to specific popular cities.
        Budd Van Lines

        Budd Van Lines performs residential moves and corporate relocations. In-home estimates are available through a video tour or by visiting in person.

        • Types of moves: The company specializes in corporate relocations but also offers personal moves. Standard moving services include packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and storage services.
        • Cost: You can request a quote from Budd Van Lines’ website. Keep in mind that the average local residential move costs about $2,200. An average long-distance move costs from $4,000 to $5,000.
        • Service areas: Moving services are available to the 48 contiguous states.
        • Additional services: The company designed the Eco-Crate system, which utilizes reusable corrugated cardboard crates to help customers save on packing costs. The company’s status tracking application lets you follow your move in real time.
        Joyce Van Lines

        Joyce Van Lines offers local, interstate and international moves. Full-service moving options available, and the company also performs corporate and military moves. Customer service is available 24/7 to assist you throughout the moving process. The company hauls every customer’s possessions and does not broker jobs for other companies.

        • Types of moves: The company handles local, interstate and international moves, including corporate and military relocations. Joyce Van Lines provides on-site inspections for local and interstate moves and virtual inspections for international moves.
        • Cost: To reserve a move, you must pay a $100 deposit. You can expect a move from the West Coast to the East Coast to cost anywhere from $3,000 to $9,000.
        • Service areas: Joyce Van Lines has licensed movers in the lower 48 states.
        • Additional services: Storage is available if needed. Joyce Van Lines also follows home protection procedures, meaning vulnerable parts of your home are covered to protect them from damage when moving your items into their new home.
        Gentle Giant

        Gentle Giant is a local and long-distance moving company. A quote estimator on the company’s website gives you a rough estimate with 75% accuracy for the cost of your move.

        • Types of moves: The company offers local and long-distance moves, but only in select states.
        • Cost: Gentle Giant has a rough quote calculator on its website. You can expect a two-bedroom move from New York to California in peak summer season with a flexible moving date to cost between $7,500 and $11,500.
        • Service areas: Gentle Giant is available in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington and Washington, D.C.
        • Additional services: Gentle Giant also offers packing and unpacking, crane and specialty moving, moving box delivery and storage. The company sells a variety of moving boxes and packing supplies with free delivery. Gentle Giant gives a full refund for unused boxes but charges a $25 fee to pick them up.
        True Friends Moving Company

        True Friends Moving Company offers full-service relocations for residential and commercial clients. Specializes in long-distance and senior living moving. In-home moves come with packing, delivery, furniture rearranging and more.

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