8 Spots For Scuba Diving In The Philippines – The Complete Guide

One of the most popular diving locations in Asia, the Philippines is a great place to enjoy a week long vacation of scuba diving. The waters are warm and crystal clear, ideal conditions for snorkeling, and the reefs are varied and stunningly beautiful. There are several spots in the Philippines where you can dive year round and experience everything from the shallow depths of the oceans to the deeper waters of the coastal areas. Here is a short guide to some of the best spots in the Philippines for scuba diving.

This is a small island just north of Puerto Galera in the South Philippines. It is a popular scuba diving destination and it is also home to several wrecks that have been wreckted on their journey across the Pacific Ocean. A small island with white sandy beaches and plenty of shallow coral reefs, this island has good diving and snorkeling. You can explore the underwater world around here and get a glimpse of the huge schools of fish that live in its waters.

This is another small island on the Philippines, where scuba divers frequent. With a clear, shallow, and shallow ocean surrounding it, the waters are perfect for big-wave diving and other underwater adventures. There are also some wrecks here that can give you an exciting diving experience, as well as the rich coral reefs. You can go diving here during any time of the year, but the best months for this type of activity tend to be from November to April.

This is one of the most popular spots for snorkeling and for the scuba divers in the Philippines. Located on Mindan Island, it is also one of the most popular dive sites because of its clear, shallow waters and rich coral reefs. It is the ideal spot for a day of relaxation by the pool or if you want to try some new diving moves. There are also some wrecks here that are worth exploring.

This is one of the largest islands that you can visit in the Philippines. It also happens to be the oldest. It was originally a fishing hotspot and a popular place for travelers. The busy waters around here attract many scuba divers, though the waters themselves are relatively shallow. There are also some wrecks here that make for interesting dives, and there are also lots of islands for tourists to explore.

This is one of the best spots for diving in the Philippines, if not the world. It has been designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO and is a famous dive site in the country. It is located on Bonifacio Reef and is perfect for novice or experienced scuba divers. There are many wrecks here but you won’t have to see them if you are a beginner because there is a diving program that allows people to go on a guided tour to the wreck sites without risking their own equipment. The diving starts at just over $100 and all the required equipment is taken care of. There are also some beautiful coral corals to explore and a good view of the sea from the top of the ship.

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