Sex positions with a large ovarian cyst suggested by vegas escorts

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Ovarian cysts are a big headache during sex, they although not cause any harm but during sex, penetration can cause tear or rupture of these cysts which cause pain and bleeding. There are some rare cases where these ovarian cysts can become infectious and cause STIs and other problems like problems in fertilization and can cause cancer too. According to vegas escorts, having sex with ovarian cysts can be made less painful and pleasurable with some sex positions for large ovarian cysts.

 BBW Escort recommended sex positions for large ovarian cysts


  • Woman on top:- woman on top is the best position for large ovarian cysts. In this position, the penetration is direct in the angle which woman feel comfortable with and she can control and change the angle if any pain or irritation occurs because she is in dominating position.


  • Missionary:- Missionary position is good for ovarian cysts as this position is a universal pleasurable sex position which provides most pleasure without any pain or irritation but one thing to keep in mind is the speed, with ovarian cysts, the penetration speed should be slow or moderate.


  • Spooning:- Spooning gives you relief from excess pressure on the cervix during penetration and only targets vaginal entrance for pleasure and orgasm.


  • Raised hips:- Raised hips is also beneficial as it reduces the load from pelvis during penetration leaving no chance for ovarian cysts to come in contact with penetration during sex and cause pain.


  • Doggy style:- doggy style helps in getting a pleasurable orgasmic adventure during sex with ovarian cysts, but one thing needs to be controlled in this position is how fast and hard you go. Going very fast or hard in doggy style position can cause ovarian cysts to cause pain and tears in them.

These sex positions recommended by the vegas escort will provide you full pleasure in sex without affecting your cysts, however, there are some tips that you can follow for more better results. These are:-

  • Hormone levels affect the sensitivity and size of cysts, thus you should have sex after two weeks after your periods as at this time, your hormone levels are at their best-balanced rates.
  • Have good foreplay as it makes physical arousal better resulting in high natural lubrication.
  • Go slow and gentle in sex with large ovarian cysts.
  • You can use painkillers if you prefer medication over natural ways to remove pain.
  • Talk with your partner if the problem increases and do consult with your counselor for better treatment and precaution.
  • Take a warm bath before sex to relax the body and muscles.

Following these top vegas escorts tips will make your sex much better with large ovarian cysts.


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